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If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around the social media paid advertising platforms lately. Businesses are starting to realize the amount of value these ads bring to the table in terms of bringing in leads for your business and building your email list. Why are they such a great tool for businesses to use to get in front of their customers? There are several factors at play here:

  • Everyone is on Social Media! Whether you like it or not, everyone is on social media and there’s no sign of that changing anytime soon. Use it to your advantage. Get your business or brand in front of your target audience – and for a fraction of the cost of most other paid advertising media.
  • Targeting Capabilities – Facebook & Instagram Ads allow you the opportunity to target nearly any group of people you can imagine! There are the usual suspects to target by: location and male/female/both. Then you can always add income levels, interests, etc. But you also are able to target by customized lists that you upload, whether or not they’ve visited your website or purchased anything from you online, or even upcoming birthdays or anniversaries. Here are a few examples of how this could work for your business: Let’s say you have a membership program and you track your customers’ purchases and know that if a customer purchases item x that they will likely want or need item y. You could advertise item y specifically to the customer who purchased item x from you and increase your sales substantially. Another example is let’s say you have a service business such as a chiropractor, salon/spa, etc., you could target customers who haven’t visited in a while and they are due to make another appointment to come back in. This puts you top of mind and gets them to pick up the phone and make an appointment. You can also use these ads to bring in new leads and new business while building your list for email and/or text marketing. There are so many ways to use the targeting capabilities that these platforms offer! The possibilities truly are endless.
  • Cost per lead is much lower than other forms of paid advertising and you can accurately track and determine your ROI. Compared to other forms of paid advertising such as television, radio, billboards, magazines, etc. You will pay much less per lead for your business and be able to accurately track where your lead came from and if they converted or not. What business wouldn’t want to advertise where lots of highly targeted customers are AND pay less per lead?

If you haven’t used these ads for your business yet, what are you waiting for? Admittedly there is a bit of a learning curve – and I’m not talking about boosted posts here. I’m talking about true Facebook Ads created in Power Editor. So if you haven’t created one of these ads before and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all, don’t let that stop you from getting great leads at a fraction of the price! If you need help putting it all together let me know, I’d be more than happy to help you get started.